Tuesday, April 3, 2012


“I knew I was overweight but until I saw this picture I really didn’t know how much. I have to say though, the “before” picture was taken in Honduras in June 2011 when I was on a mission trip there. It was hot and my flat iron didn’t make the cut in my luggage so my hair wasn’t quite as “fixed” as I would normally have it but there is no question I had a spare tire and a chubby face!!

I was introduced to Plexus just over 4 months ago and to date I’ve lost 27 pounds… I feel great. I’ve wanted to be a runner for some time and I’m finally making head way with my running; what a difference 20 pounds makes! I can wear clothes I haven’t worn in years and I have more energy. Most important, I’m making strides to keep my “temple” going strong so I can work hard for my great God! He has lots of plans for me; I want to be able to do all of it!!”

-Melissa S.
Mendenhall, MS

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