Tuesday, June 19, 2012

5 Months Later

BEFORE                 NOW

 So today marks 5 months on Plexus and here are my new statistics - 

Weight   181
Height   5" 9"
Size  pants 14 (almost 12)  Top XL totally out of the big girls sections
Waste   41"
Hips    46"
Tummy   13"
Bust   45"
Chest   38"
Arm   12 1/2"
Thigh  22"

Totals =
Weight Loss 38.8
Inches Lost 20.5
Down 4 pant sizes & a couple on the top


Saturday, June 9, 2012


"A friend introduced me to Plexus in 2007. I was very broke, but I borrowed money to get started, and at the same time send my daughter to a private school in Nashville. My expenses were huge - not to mention I had gained weight and my blood pressure was so high that I was put on medication. One day, (our CEO) Tarl Robinson called me while I was at my office. He explained how in the future, I could be making $5000 a month with a Plexus business. WOW!

So I tried Plexus Slim and loved it!!! I was so excited to get other people on board. Then, I got my first $200 check. TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!!! I can't stress to you how wonderful that was. Then it was $500, then $1000, and it just kept on growing. Again, I am really at a loss for words. This past year I was able to purchase a house and a new car. I have lost 26 lbs. and no longer take my blood pressure medicine. These are just a few examples of how Plexus has changed my life.

I would like to thank Amy Sage and Sheila Medina for all the help they have given me, my family for their support and everyone in my down line working so hard to achieve their goals. Also, a huge thanks to Tarl, Alfred, Serena, Chris, Alec and everyone at Plexus for all the hard work they do each and every day. God has blessed me with all of you and with Plexus. I LOVE PLEXUS WORLDWIDE!!”
-Emerald Ambassador Libby Cole

"Plexus has been a blessing to me and my entire family. Before Plexus, I was literally living pay check to pay check not knowing if I would have enough money to pay my rent the next month or not. Since Obesity, breast cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes run in my family, I was eager to get started. Plexus was new to my area and I had to work hard to get it out to the public. I started out weighing 284 pounds and I am now 60 pounds and over 32 inches lighter. That is 3 shirt sizes and 4 pant sizes!

I became an Emerald Ambassador in a little over ten months. My downline and sponsor are amazing people and I could NOT have gotten where I am today without them. They rock! I have to say that Plexus is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. The money is amazing and I never dreamed I would make even a quarter of what I do today. My customers are the most rewarding part of it all. The smiles, hugs and success stories are awesome. That is more rewarding than any amount of money I could ever make.

If I had to give one piece of advice to other Ambassadors it would be to be your own success story, love what you do, and never give up because I never thought this would never happen to me.”
- Emerald Ambassador Angie Harrell


I would like to Thank Plexus Slim for helping me transform my life. I'm William M., 26 years old and from Louisville Mississippi. I first found out about Plexus Slim "The Pink Drink" from Ambassador Shirley M. during December 2011 at my computer repair shop.

As you can see from my Before picture, I had a belly and I had completely filled my shirt and even had a double chin. These pictures were taken while on vacation during the summer of 2010. I decided to order Plexus Slim after seeing first-hand results from Shirley and her daughter. 

I received my first supply of Plexus on January 7, 2012, and I was weighing in at 245 pounds when I began using it. I was actually larger than the picture above indicates. I had already tried many weight loss programs, diet pills, you name it - drinking diet green tea every day, walking every night. None of those diets had helped me lose any weight, so I was going into this not expecting any real results from Plexus Slim

After using my first month supply of the Plexus Slim, I did not see the kind of weight loss that others had experienced. I honestly nearly gave up on the product.
However, I did notice immediately that I wasn’t eating as much and my cravings for food and snacks began to stop; yet my weight wasn’t going down. An employee of mine who also uses Plexus Slim and has become an Ambassador herself, Shana M., reassured me that I was probably losing inches so I kept on drinking the drink and I'm glad that I did. 

March 2012 was very different for me. I had slimmed down to 220 pounds and I noticed that my belly was starting to slim down as well. I was feeling much better and sleeping good at night without getting up.

I started realizing that Plexus Slim was working for me and I had a real chance to get the weight off. I recently broke my goal of getting to 200 pounds about three weeks ago. This morning is Saturday, May 19, 2012 and two weeks from my 27th birthday. I hit the scales this morning weighing in at 190 pounds. 

I have lost a total of 55 pounds on this product. I got my mother to take some After pictures of me, however I debated sending in my story because I really didn't know if this will be published by Plexus. It is my hope that they will put it out there for others to see and read.

I am currently still drinking the drink and am now taking additional Plexus products that include the BioCleanse and ProBio5. The biggest thing about the Pro-Bio5 is I can go to sleep at night and I can actually sleep all night without getting up.
When I first ordered Plexus Slim I wasn't interested in selling the product at all, but on March 3rd 2012 I signed up as a Plexus Ambassador and have been marketing my success story. When people ask me, "How are you losing all of that weight?" I tell them it’s Plexus Slim! I have since ordered Plexus for myself, family and others that want to try it.

Now I would like to share my story because it does really work on young guys like me and maybe there is someone reading this that needs Plexus Slim. I would like to say this has been the best weight loss product that I have come across. I hope that if you’re considering giving this a try that you will do so as you may see the same results that I have and you will have a better life because of it."

William M.
Louisville, Mississippi

Friday, June 8, 2012


“I signed up to be an ambassador and started using Plexus Slim and Accelerator on January 17, 2012. I was a little skeptical that it would help me as I have had fibromyalgia for 15+ years and it is a silent, painful condition that makes all other pain worse. I have other illnesses, arthritis in my spine, knees, neck etc., and bursitis in both hips. I also have a condition that causes my tendons and ligaments to stretch too far which causes more pain. But I was willing to try something since nothing else was working. I am happy to say that Plexus Slim has relieved most of the pain.

Because of all my problems, I have not been able to exercise for a long time. For about 2 years, the most exercise I got was my housework and sometimes that was a struggle. I decided to order this ab exerciser a couple of weeks ago and only did a little at first. Well, I am happy to say that I am able to do it for 10 minutes morning and evening! I know that doesn't sound like much to most people but it's a major accomplishment for someone that has been mostly sitting on her butt, not because I'm lazy but because I couldn't do things. 

The pain I was in before plexus was so bad that I didn't want to do anything or go anywhere, now I can do more. I owe my new life to Plexus Slim, it's amazing.
I started out in a snug size 12 and now I am in an 8. It has been 10 years since I was this size and I worked a lot harder to get there then. I have 6 lbs. to lose to reach my goal. I am so happy to share the news of this great product!”

-Marsha J