Saturday, June 9, 2012


I would like to Thank Plexus Slim for helping me transform my life. I'm William M., 26 years old and from Louisville Mississippi. I first found out about Plexus Slim "The Pink Drink" from Ambassador Shirley M. during December 2011 at my computer repair shop.

As you can see from my Before picture, I had a belly and I had completely filled my shirt and even had a double chin. These pictures were taken while on vacation during the summer of 2010. I decided to order Plexus Slim after seeing first-hand results from Shirley and her daughter. 

I received my first supply of Plexus on January 7, 2012, and I was weighing in at 245 pounds when I began using it. I was actually larger than the picture above indicates. I had already tried many weight loss programs, diet pills, you name it - drinking diet green tea every day, walking every night. None of those diets had helped me lose any weight, so I was going into this not expecting any real results from Plexus Slim

After using my first month supply of the Plexus Slim, I did not see the kind of weight loss that others had experienced. I honestly nearly gave up on the product.
However, I did notice immediately that I wasn’t eating as much and my cravings for food and snacks began to stop; yet my weight wasn’t going down. An employee of mine who also uses Plexus Slim and has become an Ambassador herself, Shana M., reassured me that I was probably losing inches so I kept on drinking the drink and I'm glad that I did. 

March 2012 was very different for me. I had slimmed down to 220 pounds and I noticed that my belly was starting to slim down as well. I was feeling much better and sleeping good at night without getting up.

I started realizing that Plexus Slim was working for me and I had a real chance to get the weight off. I recently broke my goal of getting to 200 pounds about three weeks ago. This morning is Saturday, May 19, 2012 and two weeks from my 27th birthday. I hit the scales this morning weighing in at 190 pounds. 

I have lost a total of 55 pounds on this product. I got my mother to take some After pictures of me, however I debated sending in my story because I really didn't know if this will be published by Plexus. It is my hope that they will put it out there for others to see and read.

I am currently still drinking the drink and am now taking additional Plexus products that include the BioCleanse and ProBio5. The biggest thing about the Pro-Bio5 is I can go to sleep at night and I can actually sleep all night without getting up.
When I first ordered Plexus Slim I wasn't interested in selling the product at all, but on March 3rd 2012 I signed up as a Plexus Ambassador and have been marketing my success story. When people ask me, "How are you losing all of that weight?" I tell them it’s Plexus Slim! I have since ordered Plexus for myself, family and others that want to try it.

Now I would like to share my story because it does really work on young guys like me and maybe there is someone reading this that needs Plexus Slim. I would like to say this has been the best weight loss product that I have come across. I hope that if you’re considering giving this a try that you will do so as you may see the same results that I have and you will have a better life because of it."

William M.
Louisville, Mississippi

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