Thursday, March 1, 2012

211 to 174 and 32 inches in 7 months

“Hi my name is Brandi S. and I started using Plexus Slim 7 months ago. I was a skeptic at first, and I wasn't really sure about Plexus. However; I went ahead and tried it and I am very blessed that I did. I have gone from a size 22w (211lbs) to a 14(174lbs) and I have lost a total of about 32 inches!! Plexus has changed my life!
I am much happier about myself. I feel better in general, I have a lot more energy, and my ego has boosted. I love to hear my kids come up to me and give me a Big Hug and say "Mom I can reach all the way around you now!" It’s a great feeling. And I have Plexus to thank for it.

I have tried other diet pills and diets but nothing has ever worked for me like Plexus has. I didn't want to feel like I was pressuring any of my friends, family, and co-workers to try it so I didn't really talk about it much at first. I just let my results talk for me. Then once it really started to show that I was losing weight it was easy to talk to people asking me “What are you doing?” and I am always happy to say “Plexus, and here is how it can change your life just as it has mine.”

For the first 3 months of taking Plexus Slim I wasn't seeing any loss of weight in pounds on the scale and I was starting to get frustrated with it. However, I didn't give up because I noticed that my clothes were fitting looser. So I started measuring. It was then that I realized that just because it wasn't showing on the scales that I was losing weight didn't mean that I wasn't loosing inches. The inches just kept falling off and after the 4th month of taking Plexus Slim the scales started decreasing. I was one happy girl! Now the pounds, inches, and fat just keep melting away and I couldn't be any happier. I am getting married in September on a cruise, so I know now that I will look AMAZING for my wedding day and I have Plexus to thank for that!!!”

Brandi S. - Richton, MS

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