Tuesday, February 14, 2012


"I began taking Plexus Slim and Plexus Accelerator in September. I love the taste (I actually crave it first thing in the morning!)  and I love the way I feel on the product.  My energy level is amazing. I also find that I sleep much better which was a big surprise for me (with other diet supplements I had suffered from insomnia). In three months I lost 15 pounds and 11 inches! Then I held my breath... how would I do during the holidays??? I maintained my weight without denying myself... I was in control of what I ate rather than the other way around. I honestly thought that there was no getting back to high school skinny... but with Plexus it is possible!  

I also am amazed with the other products that Plexus offers. My 14 year old daughter suffered from IBS, this caused her to miss school and there didn't seem to be an easy fix. Over the counter GI products created additional problems. I started her on the BioCleanse and she is now symptom free!  

My biggest surprise came from the ProBio5. I did the spit test and it was positive. I had no idea that systemic yeast could have such ill effects on our bodies including the inability to lose weight, migraines, indigestion and anxiety. I began taking the ProBio5... to my amazement I was no longer having headaches (I had been suffering from headaches daily for years) and regarding my anxiety I am no longer taking prescription medication. After 15 years I would have NEVER thought it possible to eliminate my prescription medication.

The positive effects of Plexus don’t stop with the products. I began my Plexus journey as an Ambassador. I had been an Ambassador with Plexus when there were just breast health products and I was familiar with the high integrity of the company. It was an easy decision to for me re-sign with the intention of getting my products for wholesale and with the goal of selling enough to cover my product cost. 

Plexus is such an amazing opportunity that it hasn't stopped there. Due to the phenomenal products and stellar compensation plan I am now making extra money by just sharing my story. In a single income home my only opportunity to make additional money was to pick extra shifts at the hospital forcing me to take time away from my children. Not only have I been able to avoid working extra night shifts I am also getting ready to reduce my hours at the hospital!!!!  

Thank you Plexus for changing my life!!!"

Becky G., RN - Raymore, MO

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