Sunday, February 19, 2012

WoW check Them OUT!!!

 So let me introduce you to Mr. Brent & Mrs. Julie French.  These guys are who introduced me to Plexus!!!  Thank you so much :-)

There before pictures (on the left) are from family Christmas pictures.  And the afters were taken this week.  Since January 3rd Brent has lost just over 33 pounds and Julie has lost a little more than 22 pounds.  Don't they just look fantastic?  Julie says, "Thanks to Plexus she has been able to break a weight barrier that has been unsurpassable with other 'diet programs'."  I also loved her quote from the other day that the two of them had lost the weight equal to their son.  Nicely put.

I wanted to put a couple more local faces on the Plexus successes instead of just random people on a web site.

If you are interested in a really GREAT DEAL to get you started.  I am celebrating Fat Tuesday by passing on a $30 savings.  For a one time deal I am offering the 30 day Combo pak of the Plexus Slim Drink mix and Accelerator capsule for only $90.  Go HERE to place your order before midnight Tuesday.

Tomorrow is our big 30 day reveal.  Can't wait to post :-)

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